Out to Pasture Work Party – September 2015

Barbie and Charles

Out to Pasture Work Party

This is one of my favorite sanctuaries in the area, not only because of the love and attention that is given to the residents, but also because John and Kit are both good people.  My little family has been enjoying their annual open house celebration since my kids were little and now I am excited to see that they are wanting to take part in the work parties with me.  This work party was especially exciting, both my little loves joined me and helped out.  While I was out in the field pulling stumps, picking up poop, and filling in holes – they were helping make cider and bags of catnip for sale.  I was so proud of them for helping out and wanting to do it – such great people they are and I feel lucky to be their dad.  They have such huge hearts and so much love, I hope they always care so passionately.

Out to Pasture Sanctuary


OTP - September 2015Kids at workCora



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