World Day for Farmed Animals – Green Acres – October 2015

5727-MMS-1444011355344-attachment1-20151004_142553World Day for Farmed Animals

Today was a special day and one where we get to visit one of the several sanctuaries we have here in the area and celebrate the lives that have survived, the ones that were rescued and mourn the thousands and thousands of lives that are being lost every day for no reason.  My sweet kids have been wanting to go to Green Acres for some time and haven’t had the chance until now – it was a great day.  We were joined by friends, the sun was shining and the day was just magical.

As a way to honor the residents and in a way pay homage to those that are not with us, we carried food to the residents and just spent time with them letting them enjoy the bounty we brought.  Watching them eat and play around us and most importantly getting to listen to Tina’s message about who they are and where they come from, what they had to endure as part of their early life, what was done to them and how their life is effected by that.  As November nears I sat with Duke, Dutchess and Princess – sadly thinking about how many like them are going to loose their lives.  How many lives like theirs are going to be lost.  If you are not already vegan I encourage you to please take a moment to visit one of the sanctuaries in your area.  Spend real time with the residents there, learn about who they are and where they came dukefrom – let them into your heart so you can see they are alive just like you, they feel just like you, they love and breath and move just like you.  They may be different but they deserve the chance to live life to the fullest they can just like you.  Please see them for the beautiful amazing beings they are and let them live, let them have a chance, be a change for better and adopt a plant based diet for your health, their health and the health of our planet.

One of my favorite parts of going to Green Acres is not just visiting with the
residents, but getting to spend time with John and Tina – they are both sweet and kind hearted people that I just enjoy.

World Day for Farmed Animals

Green Acres Farm Sanctuary









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