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Out To Pasture Work Party – September 2015

OTP - September 2015        Barbie and Charles

It’s hard to imagine what their life was like before coming here.  Sitting next to Barbie in the warm sun, sweat beading from my forehead from working in the back field, my hand gently resting on her back feeling the warmth of her body – I am thankful in my heart that she has this opportunity to enjoy life and live and experience the sights, sounds and joys of being alive.  So many beings like Barbie don’t have that option and their life is hellish and undeserving of such sweet peaceful beings.

“Farm pigs Barbie and Skipper were headed for slaughter when Diane stepped in and adopted them. They now live at Out to Pasture where animals get to live out their lives in peace.” – Out To Pasture Sanctuary

This picture was taken at a recent Out to Pasture Sanctuary work party I attended.  The work parties are unique experiences that allow us to give and share in just a small part of the work needed to take care of these sweet beings.  We do things like clean out hay, make paths, pickup manure, clean up the pasture of sticks and holes, give medicines, and spend time with all the residents.  This was a particularly fun work party – this is the first time my little peeps were big enough to join me and take part in helping.  They were both very excited and had a great time getting to care for and love the residents.

Kids at work          Cora

Here they are enjoying some fresh squeezed apple cider with friends after some work.  My daughter spent some time with Ruthie feeding her and giving her love.  Ruthie isn’t able to hold her head up on her own, but maybe she will someday.

There are so many other wonderful residents that are cared for and protected at the Out To Pasture Sanctuary, you can learn all about their stories and what you can do to help protect precious lives like theirs at: Out To Pasture Sanctuary.




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