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Party for Pit Bulls for Lovers not Fighters – October 2015

IMG_20151001_194715Lovers not Fighters

This would be my second Pit Bull benefit at Akemi salon.  Love Ted and Suzzette so much as friends and cool people who do things like this.  I guess I am kind of  partial since I have been going to their salon for years now getting my hair done – mostly by Ted, but after this last benefit I might have to consider seeing Chai now.  They have always welcomed me in with warm hearts and hugs – something I always need more of in my life so I am definitely a big fan of them.  The benefits are always a fun cozy little event held at Akemi and in their adjacent little green zen space.  There were drinks and food provided – they had a whole tray of my favorite Mississippi bowl from Native Bowl, but I was good and resisted just eating it all.  The wonderful Chai was sweet enough to do my hair, it was getting kinda long since I don’t always remember to go in on a regular basis.  I got the full treatment – shampoo, conditioner, scalp massage, hot towel and some of the best conversation I’ve had in a while – Chai is a cool person.  The benefit was for Lovers not Fighters a pit bull rescue and adoption group, I had a chance to sit down and talk with a couple of the people who run it.  It was great to hear how they had foster homes while waiting to get them out for adoption, and soon they hope to get a place where they can keep the pit bulls themselves.  It is nice seeing people doing caring things and helping out those that are less fortunate.  You can find out more about Lovers not fighters on their website.  Below is me getting in some good scratches on Angel.