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Free Packy – April 2014

free Packy 5Free Packy

One of the protests I have been apart of in my life, this one involved Packy one of our beloved elephants unwillingly restrained at the Oregon zoo.  As with most zoos the sentient beings living there are forcibly detained against their will and put on display for humans to view like a peeper show.  Left with little dignity or rights to live free the poor animals are kept in captivity for their whole life.  Imagine you being locked behind bars for committing no crime but just for being you and that fact that locking you up and putting you on display would make someone money.  It is sad and greedy, it disregards the intelligence and rights of the beings held captive.  This protest was one in particular was a special one, it was one of the first that my children consciously wanted to take part in.  They had reached that age where they could make those conscious decisions and understand why they are making them.  We spend time talking and making our own signs for the protest, it was a beautiful bonding experience for us – sharing in something meaningful and helpful.  We got to see some of my good friends there and share in making a difference.  I am always inspired by my beautiful children, the impact they make on the world just by being themselves – it is miraculous and amazing.

Free the Oregon Zoo Elephants

free oregon elephant

free packy



Barnum & Bailey Protest

Barnum and Bailey Protest – September 2015

Circus Protest

Everyone loves the circus right!?  The amazing acts, the entertainment, the spectacular nature of it all.  Well, not everyone loves the circus, there are those that are forced to participate in these events against their will.  They are tortured and broken and forced to perform for people’s entertainment.  It’s sad watching people go into these events, knowing what they are supporting and wishing you could set those sweet beings free to live life on their own terms and in their own way.

We got a chance to join a circus protest for Barnum and Bailey being in town.  We are trying to encourage them to stop using animals for entertainment.  We held up signs and passed out literature, being polite and considerate – no one can respond to negativity.  Lot’s of people took information, my daughter was able to get more literature handed out than anyone – who could turn down her sweet smile.  We received several positive responses, one woman telling us that she was Vegan and didn’t support circuses because the used animals for entertainment – that was heart warming to hear someone come up and say that.  Another was from a man attending an event across the park, he walked up to specifically tell us he was proud and supportive of what we were doing.  He took some pictures and proceeded to thank us all for standing up for what is right.

My little peeps and I have been attending protests and similar for several years, this is the first one that they actively were aware and in full realization that collectively we can make a difference and that standing up for what is right is a good thing and to be proud even if we are just a few watching many, all it takes is to get through and wake up one person and it was all worth it.  I was overjoyed when my daughter said how awesome this was and that she wants to do more – such a proud dad I am, so proud.  She’s gonna influence change and I get to be there to see it.