Barnum & Bailey Protest

Barnum and Bailey Protest – September 2015

Circus Protest

Everyone loves the circus right!?  The amazing acts, the entertainment, the spectacular nature of it all.  Well, not everyone loves the circus, there are those that are forced to participate in these events against their will.  They are tortured and broken and forced to perform for people’s entertainment.  It’s sad watching people go into these events, knowing what they are supporting and wishing you could set those sweet beings free to live life on their own terms and in their own way.

We got a chance to join a circus protest for Barnum and Bailey being in town.  We are trying to encourage them to stop using animals for entertainment.  We held up signs and passed out literature, being polite and considerate – no one can respond to negativity.  Lot’s of people took information, my daughter was able to get more literature handed out than anyone – who could turn down her sweet smile.  We received several positive responses, one woman telling us that she was Vegan and didn’t support circuses because the used animals for entertainment – that was heart warming to hear someone come up and say that.  Another was from a man attending an event across the park, he walked up to specifically tell us he was proud and supportive of what we were doing.  He took some pictures and proceeded to thank us all for standing up for what is right.

My little peeps and I have been attending protests and similar for several years, this is the first one that they actively were aware and in full realization that collectively we can make a difference and that standing up for what is right is a good thing and to be proud even if we are just a few watching many, all it takes is to get through and wake up one person and it was all worth it.  I was overjoyed when my daughter said how awesome this was and that she wants to do more – such a proud dad I am, so proud.  She’s gonna influence change and I get to be there to see it.

Barbie Girl

Out To Pasture Work Party – September 2015

OTP - September 2015        Barbie and Charles

It’s hard to imagine what their life was like before coming here.  Sitting next to Barbie in the warm sun, sweat beading from my forehead from working in the back field, my hand gently resting on her back feeling the warmth of her body – I am thankful in my heart that she has this opportunity to enjoy life and live and experience the sights, sounds and joys of being alive.  So many beings like Barbie don’t have that option and their life is hellish and undeserving of such sweet peaceful beings.

“Farm pigs Barbie and Skipper were headed for slaughter when Diane stepped in and adopted them. They now live at Out to Pasture where animals get to live out their lives in peace.” – Out To Pasture Sanctuary

This picture was taken at a recent Out to Pasture Sanctuary work party I attended.  The work parties are unique experiences that allow us to give and share in just a small part of the work needed to take care of these sweet beings.  We do things like clean out hay, make paths, pickup manure, clean up the pasture of sticks and holes, give medicines, and spend time with all the residents.  This was a particularly fun work party – this is the first time my little peeps were big enough to join me and take part in helping.  They were both very excited and had a great time getting to care for and love the residents.

Kids at work          Cora

Here they are enjoying some fresh squeezed apple cider with friends after some work.  My daughter spent some time with Ruthie feeding her and giving her love.  Ruthie isn’t able to hold her head up on her own, but maybe she will someday.

There are so many other wonderful residents that are cared for and protected at the Out To Pasture Sanctuary, you can learn all about their stories and what you can do to help protect precious lives like theirs at: Out To Pasture Sanctuary.



La Vida Veggie

La Vida Veggie

La Vida Veg

I got an opportunity to sneak out and try this resteraunt that was in my hood and I didn’t even know it.  Fun little place in a converted home.  The outside is casual and looks much like a residential home, made for a very relaxed and home like feeling.  It was a Tuesday so I tried the Tuesday Special – Tamales.  Now, don’t laugh but I had never eaten a tamale before – I actually had to ask if you were to eat the corn husk, which you are not suppose to.  I found the tamales to be good, definitely better with the salsa and fixing on them.  With my tamales I had a nice salad with fresh greens and some house dressing.

Everything in the restaurant is made Vegan, unless you specifically request dairy – who would want to do that though – gross.  If you get a chance to stop in they are a fun little stop for lunch.

La Vida Veggie

Green Acres Work Party – September 2015

Today I had the pleasure of going out to the Green Acres farm sanctuary, located in Silverton Oregon, for one of their work parties.  It was a beautiful drive, sun was shining and we took the back roads the whole way there.  We arrived into Silverton early and stopped off at a little coffee shop – that turned into a mini-epic place to be.  Unassuming store front with beautiful deck in the back overlooking the river with quaint little sitting spaces tucked in.  We were having such a good time there that we ended up loosing our head start and were 5 minutes late.  We made up for it with hard work though.

The farm was very well kept, so organized and clean – it felt like everything had it’s spot.  After signing waivers and information paper work we headed over to the barn where we pulled out old straw and took it to the compost, scraped poop, and then put down new bedding.  It was a rewarding and positive experience, got to meet so many nice and friendly people all out helping like we were.  After we were done working we cleaned up all the tools and put them away then took a casual walk around the farm to meet some of the residents.  We got a chance to spend some time with Hershey, he is a bit of a celebrity that you have to go and read about (  We ended our time with a big group picture and some snacks, it was a beautiful rewarding day.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to help out at a work party and spend time with so many beautiful creatures, then you should – it is worth the effort to know that you are helping them.

You can learn more about Green Acres Sanctuary at:


Letting Go

Letting go and setting love free.
Letting go and setting love free.

This is a poem about love and the beauty you can find in it, the passion and meaning from one point of view.  Then the realization and acceptance that it’s all in the eye of the beholder.  Setting someone free in your mind and heart is powerful, having or trying to have the restraint not to love them – this poem is all about those inner struggles, strength, loss, sadness, beauty, acceptance, and love.

BBQ Sandwich Blackwater

BBQ sandwich with french fries

Honestly, I don’t have a BBQ addiction – just a mild obsession – that’s healthy right, as long as I don’t carry BBQ sauce around with me….  Well, this beautiful sandwich comes from Blackwater bar in Portland.  Sadly, only after ordering it and devouring it did I notice they had a french dip – next trip for sure!!!  I was invited to blackwater as part of singles group we have here and when I got there I thought the place was closed.  It is all black and the windows are kind of dark, I had to creep up to the window and look in before I realized it was open.  I walked in and it lived up to it’s name – all black decoration, but it was warm and friendly – probably not what I was expecting from a punk-metal bar.  The waitress was really nice and I learned from one of the other people in our group that she is actually the singer for one of the most awesome punk bands in Portland – I think I might have to expand my listening habits and check out the band.  The menu is all Vegan and they have a good drink menu – I was not drinking, I mistakenly dropped 2 high ABV porters the night before at Beer Mongers and well, I thought water would be best tonight.  So I can’t tell you about the beer – next visit though, I will definitely share with you my delight at any stouts or porters they have.

The BBQ sandwich that you see above was amazing. Small bits of bbq, the cole slaw topping added that right amount of mess and sweet flavor.  It didn’t taste like a bourbon bbq sauce (thank goodness, I hate bourbon bbq), but it did have some smokey undertones (listen to me, like I know anything about anything – don’t be fooled, my pallete is very underdeveloped – you can replace homer simpsons “beer” with me saying “bbq”).  The fries were crispy and tasted wonderful – who doesn’t like a little Vegan comfort food now and then.

I am going to go back again sometime, try to catch one of their shows, taste the french dip, and sample their beer if they have any stouts or porters.

Great place, definitely add it to your travel plans or night out.

Blackwater Bar

835 NE Broadway, Portland, OR

BBQ Sandwich

BBQ – Need I say more!!! [Drops mic and walks off stage].  It was one of those beautiful Portland afternoons in the summer, hurricane force winds and sun – but I had this need for some Papa G food….  We arrived there just as they were opening, the chef was busy in the kitchen.  Apparently a British couple had rented a huge RV for burning man and was stocking up on some fine Papa G cuisine – can you blame them, the food is fucking good.  Well, my friend and I ordered lunch – I went straight for the BBQ – I’m like that.  My buddy got a curry bowl.  We enjoyed the sun out on the picnic table and not before too long our food arrived – warm and smelling so good.  I don’t think I said two words after I took that first bite, it was that good.  We sat in this beautiful silence as we ate, realizing how good it was.  Just by surprise, we got a chance to say Hi to Grant and his son – they showed up with some store supplies.  I couldn’t just sit there so I got up and helped unload and had fun talking about camping, our kids, and road trips.  It’s nice living in place with good people, good food, and feeling at home.  We left feeling full and happy, I’ll be back soon for sure.