Why not


This is my first blog post and hopefully the beginning of many – I am very new to this so we’ll see how this goes with my time and energy.

My hope is to inspire and encourage others in a positive way through my stories and experiences – hope is that people find some strength or understanding in life that helps them to move into a larger circle of compassion – maybe find solace in that they are not alone.  I don’t in anyway seek to change anyone, that’s a waste of time – I have absolutely no power to do that.  If you do find some change in your life as a result of reading anything I write, I hope you’ll take that good feeling and share it with others – let it grow.

What I hope to share are my pre-vegan days and where I came from – even a meat and potatoes eating boy from the south can do it.  I hope to share my struggles and triumphs as I became vegan – starting in Alaska and eventually moving to Oregon where I now call home.  Share about being a parent to Vegan kids, favorite recipes and foods, compassionate ways to live, thoughts, poetry, ideas, and whatever just happens.  I look forward to sharing with you and I hope you find things sometimes positive an engaging, maybe sometimes funny, but in general I hope you walk away having enjoyed what you read in a way that has benefited your life.

Until my next post,

Atypical Vegan